New Mobile Axe Throwing Brochure!

We’ve been working hard since the Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted on outdoor events. So much so, we’ve now been able to publish our brochure delivering a much wider overview of the events we love to get involved with.

Take a look and see if our mobile axe throwing is suited to your event.  

New Event Enquiry

From Birthday parties and weddings through to corporate events and festivals. Submit your axe throwing event enquiry via the button below and we’ll get straight back to you with the finer details.

Upcoming Events

From time to time we will feature upcoming events where 30 minute session tickets are available to pre-purchase. Take a look and see if we’re axe throwing near you.

Recent Events

Take a look at some of our recent event galleries. From weddings through to music festivals, we provide axe throwing experiences via 2 lane events trailers or floor standing targets set in safety net enclosures. 

Pub Tournaments

Fancy competing in a 24 player tournament to win a cash prize pot? If so, register your interest and we’ll let you know when the first tournament night opens to registrations at a pub near you.


It’s a lifestyle without hassle. What can be more satisfying than throwing axes for a living! The rewards can be great – and we really do mean GREAT.