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Sizzling burgers and flaming AXES at Ilkley Food Festival!


By Mobile Axe Throwing

By Mobile Axe Throwing

This past weekend was thrilling, as we had the pleasure of introducing axe throwing to the Ilkley Food Festival in North Yorkshire. It was our first time attending this festival, and it definitely didn’t disappoint! The setting was absolutely stunning – rolling hills, non-stop sun, and great music in the air. Plus, it was incredibly hot! Our team managed really well, despite the boiling weather conditions, taking on plenty of refreshments throughout the weekend. We featured our axe throwing trailer and stand combination, so a total of 8 axe throwing lanes were available to anyone wanting to give it a go!

We got to chat with some of the other food festival attendees, and everyone was really friendly and accommodating. We had lots of successes on the lanes, too, with people regularly landing axes in the board first time, and as always, our staff members Bridget, David, Dan and Tristan were all on hand to provide assistance and training for anyone that was finding it a little difficult. Our competition proved incredibly popular with attendees too, and some were able to hit impressive scores of 25 and above, those of which were rewarded with one of our TimberJacks branded hats – a great memento of their achievement at the festival, and also a practical prize considering the weather!

The Ilkley Food Festival also proved to be a perfect opportunity for us to meet with some unique food and drink suppliers. We got to talk to the guys over at another stall, who supply a great selection of non-alcoholic beers, ciders, soft drinks and more, and may be able to supply our venues in the future. It was fascinating to speak to people to in a similar industry, and we were pleased with the conversations we had.

All in all, it was an incredibly successful weekend. We had a blast of a time meeting some wonderful people, making new contacts, and enjoying some great music and fantastic food.